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Are you looking for a FFSP Family Advocacy Program Victim Advocate? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Commander, Navy Installations in Coronado. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Commander, Navy Installations person

Job opening: FFSP Family Advocacy Program Victim Advocate

Salary: $47 - 57 per hour
Relocation: YES
City: Coronado
Published at: Jun 11 2024
Employment Type: Part-time
The primary purpose of this position is to provide assistance and advocacy for victims of spouse/intimate partner abuse and to non-offending parents or caregivers to victims of child abuse; and to educate command personnel regarding appropriate responses to victims of domestic violence and child abuse.


Victim Advocacy: Serves as Victim Advocate for the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) to provide comprehensive assistance and liaison to and for victims of spouse/intimate partner abuse and non-offending parents or caregivers of victims of child abuse; and to educate personnel on the installation regarding the most effective responses to domestic violence/intimate partner abuse on behalf of victims and at-risk family members. Screens victims of domestic abuse, evaluates their needs, and provides them with information about domestic violence, safe and confidential ways to seek assistance, their rights as Navy spouses, and the resources and services available to them. This involves maintaining current information on resources and services,and advising victims before disclosure of the limited confidentiality rule. Duties include: Coordinates with FAP case manager in developing appropriate plan of assistance/intervention, which provides for the safety of the victim and their family members. Ensures that the clinical case manager is fully aware of victim's situation at all times. When FAP case managers are not on duty, this may involve working with law enforcement and/or sponsoring command. This involves decisions affecting a wide range of problems and services, some difficult/complex. Provides services for victims of spouse/intimate partner abuse and their families to include the following: crisis intervention; assistance in securing medical treatment for injuries; information on legal rights and resources available through both military and civilian programs; education, transportation; pretrial, trial, and post-trial support; and follow-up. Assists in conducting support groups for Child Abuse and Domestic Abuse victims. Evaluates needs and establishes with the victim a detailed, individualized safety plan and reviews and revises the plan with the victim as necessary. Makes referrals to other helping agencies. Provides follow-up to all identified victims (to include those who have declined services) three months following initial contact to assess whether further services are needed or wanted. Provides advocacy services to non-offending parents or caregivers of identified victims of child abuse. This includes: safety planning, identifying supportive resources, working with civilian authorities, and creating an environment that makes it easy for the non-offending parent or caregiver to support the child. Advocates will have knowledge regarding child abuse within the context of domestic abuse as well as the impact of child abuse on children. Advocates for the expressed interests and safety of the victim when providing information to military and civilian courts; the Clinical Case Staff Meeting; and, when accompanying victims to legal appointments and investigative interviews. Reports all suspected child abuse or neglect cases to proper state child protective service authorities in coordination with the Family Advocacy Representative (FAR) for investigation. Reports incidents to Military Police and NCIS as appropriate Program Duties: Maintains a cooperative working relationship with all action agencies to include: Medical Treatment Facility, Military Police, NCIS, and Unit Commanders. Serves as non-voting consultant on the Clinical Case Staff Meeting. Ensures that FAP case manager is aware of victim's situation and makes written entries in the victim's FAP case record system. The documentation will be labeled and identified as a "Victim Advocate Note," the content of which will be non-clinical in nature. Provides input to FAP Manager in the establishment and implementation of local policies and directives pertaining to the Family Advocacy Victim Advocate Program. Assists with measures designed to determine program effectiveness. Assists the FAR in the conduct of specific activities of the Community FAP education program such as Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) and Domestic Violence Prevention Month (October) and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (February). Coordinates with local media to publicize information of FAP seminars, workshops, and programs available to the community. May conduct briefings on FAP policies, dynamics of domestic abuse, availability of treatment services, procedural requirements for handling both on and off installation domestic abuse cases, state laws, and other pertinent information about family violence. Conducts education classes for Family Support Groups and the community on the prevention of domestic abuse. Researches and networks with civilian resources such as court appointed victim advocates, shelters and other civilian resources that provide services to victims of domestic violence and/parents of child abuse victims; provides education and training as needed to civilian providers of services on military resources and regulations to center staff on resources available to victims and victim issues within the community.


  • Must provide proof of U.S. Citizenship or U.S. National.
  • A valid State driver's license is required to operate motor vehicles.
  • Must successfully pass the E-Verify employment verification check. Any discrepancies must be resolved as a condition of employment.
  • Must meet federal suitability requirements including successful completion of background investigation and obtain/maintain a Secret Security Clearance (T3).
  • A tentative offer of employment will be rescinded if the selectee fails to meet the pre-employment requirements, including failure to report to any scheduled appointments.
  • Some work outside normal tour of duty, to include a 24-hour on-call rotation, may be required.
  • Must be able to obtain within six months of hire or already have, at minimum, the Basic Advocate Credential with the designation as a Comprehensive Intervention Specialist, as approved by NACP/NOVA.


Professional knowledge of social services work, counseling services, psychosocial principles and theories, and group dynamics of family and individual systems as may have been acquired through earning a baccalaureate degree in counseling, education, psychology or related behavioral sciences. Competency in crisis intervention skills, safety planning and procedures, and civilian and military orders of protection. Knowledge of the dynamics of domestic, interpersonal and family violence to include domestic violence and child abuse. Knowledge of child advocacy to include working with the non-offending parent of an abused child. Intensive practical knowledge of community resources and services, crisis intervention, and how individuals in distress may quickly obtain the types of assistance they need. Knowledge of laws pertaining to family relationships and protection of children and adults. Not required to have formal training in aspects of law, but must be capable of working and interacting with lawyers, court officials, police, etc. Experience with preparing coun testimony and victim impact statements is helpful. Knowledge of military organizations, missions, lifestyles, and situations which can contribute to family stress, problems and crisis situations. Demonstrated ability to interact with diverse individuals during crisis situations, including persons in the medical, legal, and social service communities. Ability to express oneself orally and in writing in a professional manner, to deal with diversified groups, individuals and organizations, and to compose written reports and material clearly, concisely and effectively.




  • Address NAVBASE Coronado San Diego 750 Pacific Coast Highway San Diego, CA 92132-0058 US
  • Name: Young Jun
  • Email: [email protected]


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