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Are you looking for a Adavnced Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Veterans Health Administration in Pittsburgh. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Veterans Health Administration person

Job opening: Adavnced Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist

Salary: $87 302 - 113 489 per year
Published at: Mar 26 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
The Advanced Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist (DRT), Computed Tomography Technologist, Quality Control employee at this level is fully functional as an Advanced DRT and can carry out the assigned tasks independently. The Advanced DRT will perform Quality Control (QC)/ADPAC services 50% of the time, Advanced DRT(CT) professional care 30% of the time and administrative services 20% of the time.


Accurately operates a wide variety of imaging equipment to obtain examinations of acceptable quality, utilizing the least amount of radiation to obtain quality imaging for diagnosis and localization purposes. Technologist works under the supervision of the Radiology supervisor and rotates all responsibilities within designated specialty section. He/She works independently on most exams but confers with Radiologist on more difficult problems. Work is spot-checked for achievement of objectives. Knowledge of cross-sectional anatomy and physiology including location, appearance, and functioning of the major and minor systems susceptible to radiographic illumination, and knowledge of changes to systems and organs caused by common medical and surgical diseases. Technologist is required to maintain competence Venipuncture. Prepares contrast materials under the direction of the radiologist that are used in relation to advanced certification. Continuously be on alert to the patients condition and other disorders. Technologist certified to insert IV needles for administration of contrast material when necessary. Trained on proper use of power injectors. Familiar with policies and procedures for practicing radiation safety to reduce exposure to patients, staff, and self. Acquires and maintains knowledge in dose optimization and the factors that directly affect radiation dose from specified modalities. Must utilize lead aprons, lead gloves, and lead shields when exposed to radiation. Follows radiation regulations. Adheres to radiation safety guidelines, properly determines applying technical factors to ensure ALARA dose optimization, positioning, required views, etc. to produce and satisfy requirements for diagnostics. Aware of and practice the safety policies and procedures of the Medical Center and participate in quality assurance activities as directed. Competent and educated in all service polices pertaining to the technologist and their assigned work section. Maintains knowledge of all department and section policies, acknowledging receipt and understanding of these polices by signing the supervisory copy of the policy. Receives and interprets all radiology request for accuracy, appropriateness Maintains thorough knowledge of the ordering process in CPRS Thoroughly reviews order screening information for accuracy, noting and researching all questionable information prior to contacting the patient or performing the exam. Inputs pertinent information into designated computer systems, and has knowledge to register, complete, cancel and edit exams Performs and completes imaging studies within the established guidelines for stat, urgent, and routine exams. Applies Infection Control practices and procedures for patients and staff, as mandated by the Medical Center and Radiology Service Infection Control policies. Applies safety procedures for self, patients and others as mandated by Radiology Service Safety policies for all imaging modalities. Properly operates all electrical and mechanical equipment, is cognizant of basic safety practices related to the use of the assigned equipment. Adheres to hospital infection control and safety policies/techniques with emphasis on sterile technique; the storage of sterile supplies; the disposal of body fluids and 'sharps'; proper attire; hand washing practices; and continuing education. Maintains adequate supplies and pharmaceuticals used in the department. Responsible for stocking and inventory of all supplies, notifying supervisor when supplies are not available and monitoring expiration dates to ensure all items are within compliance. Use independent judgment and possess the ability to vary exams or treatment procedures as needed to compensate for patient's individual medical conditions and body habitus. When necessary, confers with Radiologists to determine requirement of non-standard exams. Determines technical factors to produce and satisfy requirements of specialty modality scans. Technologist advises radiologists or referring physicians of examination results and notifies them of procedures requiring their immediate attention. Properly identifies patient by using full name and full social security number and/or hospital name band. Properly identifies patient scan by using the HIS/RIS patient identification lists, R & L markers, correct amount, and type of contrast administered, timelines for any timed examinations, patient position and all other identifying markers for that view/scan. Properly identifies areas of interest on all images, if applicable. Work Schedule: 8:00am-4:30pm Compressed/Flexible:Not Authorized EDRP Authorized: Contact , the EDRP Coordinator for questions/assistance. Learn more Telework: No Virtual: This is not a virtual position. Functional Statement #: Advanced DRT- 0647-10-0657-02744-F Permanent Change of Station (PCS): Not Authroized Financial Disclosure Report: Not required



Applicants pending the completion of educational or certification/licensure requirements may be referred and tentatively selected but may not be hired until all requirements are met. Basic Requirements: United States Citizenship: Non-citizens may only be appointed when it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens in accordance with VA Policy. Certification. All applicants must be certified in general radiologic technology by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology, Radiography (ARRT) (R). Advanced ARRT certification is required for assignments that include computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or Mammography (M) duties performed independently, as applicable]. Advanced certification indicates that the incumbent [can operate independently] and has demonstrated specific clinical competency in the appropriate specialty and taken and passed the designated examination. [In modalities that require advanced certification, to support their continued development, technologists who do not possess an advanced certification may be provided on the job training with oversight from a certified radiologic technologist. Education. Completion of a full-time training course of at least 24 months in duration (or the equivalent) in a post-high school diagnostic radiologic technology program, evidenced by a certificate or an associate degree, accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) or from [other accrediting agencies as recognized by the Department of Education (DOE). Physical requirement: pre-employment physical is required. English language proficiency: ability to communicate in writing and verbally in English May qualify based on being covered by the Grandfathering Provision as described in the VA Qualification Standard for this occupation (only applicable to current VHA employees who are in this occupation and meet the criteria). Grade Determinations: GS-10 (1) Experience. At least one year of experience equivalent to the next lower grade level directly related to the position being filled that demonstrates the clinical competencies described at that level. (2) Assignments. For all assignments above the full performance level, the higher-level duties must consist of significant scope, complexity (difficulty), and range of variety, and be performed by the incumbent at least 25% of the time. DRTs at this grade level may be appointed to one of the following assignments: Advanced Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist. Employees are trained to work in one or more difficult and complex modalities performing procedures related to these modalities as well as performing general diagnostic procedures. At this grade level, any assignment in a single modality must demonstrate significant complexity. Such assignments are unique, perhaps with expert specialization in complex areas of radiologic technology, Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) regulations, and intermediate QM type duties within the program. The candidate must demonstrate all of the following technical KSAs: i. Knowledge of radiation protection standards, devices and techniques, including concepts of accumulated dosage, dose monitoring, and genetic changes. ii. Ability to utilize advanced imaging software that supports complex imaging programs and recognize changes in equipment and procedures that might result in increased exposures, and ability to recommend methods to prevent such exposures. iii. Knowledge of basic physics including concepts of energy, electric power, magnetic fields, and properties of x-ray, to understand the operation of the equipment. iv. Knowledge and skill in positioning of patients for a wide variety of highly complex imaging (CT, MRI, IR, ultrasound, mammography) studies. References: VA Handbook 5005/119, Part II, Appendix G25 dated 12/13/2019. The full performance level of this vacancy is GS-10 only. References: VA Handbook 5005/119, Part II, Appendix G25. Physical Requirements: The physical demands of the work includes: Heavy lifting, 45 pounds and over; moderate carrying, 15-44 pounds; pushing up to 4 hours; reaching above shoulder; use of fingers, good dexterity (both hands required); prolonged walking, prolonged standing; repeated bending; ability for rapid mental and muscular coordination simultaneously; far vision correctable in one eye to 20/20; ability to distinguish basic colors; hearing (aid permitted); speed in working; and emotional stability. Must have the ability to stand and work while wearing a lead apron for possibly long periods of time.


IMPORTANT: A transcript must be submitted with your application if you are basing all or part of your qualifications on education.

Note: Only education or degrees recognized by the U.S. Department of Education from accredited colleges, universities, schools, or institutions may be used to qualify for Federal employment. You can verify your education here: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/. If you are using foreign education to meet qualification requirements, you must send a Certificate of Foreign Equivalency with your transcript in order to receive credit for that education. For further information, visit: https://sites.ed.gov/international/recognition-of-foreign-qualifications/.


  • Address Pittsburgh VA Medical Center 1010 Delafield Road Pittsburgh, PA 15215 US
  • Name: Jonathan Davis
  • Phone: 405-439-1259
  • Email: [email protected]


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