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Are you looking for a Health Technician (Ophthalmology)? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Veterans Health Administration in Seattle. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Veterans Health Administration person

Job opening: Health Technician (Ophthalmology)

Salary: $44 316 - 79 030 per year
City: Seattle
Published at: May 16 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
Position is eligible for EDRP, a student loan payment reimbursement program. Must meet specific individual eligibility requirements in accordance with VHA policy and submit your EDRP application within 4 months of your start date. Approval, award amount (up to $200,000) and eligibility period (1 to 5 years) are determined by the VHA Education Loan Repayment Services program office after complete review of the EDRP application. Contact [email protected] for questions/assistance.


Ophthalmology Technicians support Ophthalmologists in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, follow-up care and patient counseling. Triages patient phone calls or requests; ensures exam rooms are stocked with adequate supplies; instructs patients on administration of eye drops and post-operative instructions; accurately measures, compares, and evaluates pupillary responses; administers eye drops to dilate pupils; performs basic color vision screening; performs visual field testing (using Amsler grid or automated equipment). Performs basic imaging testing such as corneal topography; external photography; performs basic ocular testing such as pachymetry, tear production with test strips, glare testing, stereo acuity, contrast sensitivity, potential acuity meter, measuring spectacles using both automated and manual lensometry and transposing cylinders. Assists the ophthalmologist during minor ophthalmic surgical procedures and is adept at applying sterile technique and infection control procedures. Performs autorefractor to determine spectacle prescription. Duties will vary based on grade. At the GS-8 level, duties will include, but are not limited to: Performs a range of standard, but complex, diagnostic procedures with responsibility for checking calibration of instruments prior to the procedure. Obtain patient physical history, to include chief complaint; reason for visit; pertinent signs/symptoms; history both ocular and general; family history both ocular and general; social history; and review of medications and allergies, including current ocular prescription and non-prescription medications. Accurately tests visual acuity at distance and near, with and without correction or with and without a pinhole. Measure eyeglass prescription using manual or automated lensometer, recording sphere, cylinder, axis, and prism in both plus and minus cylinder. Pupil evaluation recording pupil size, shape, symmetry, reaction to light and accommodation, and any abnormalities, including relative afferent pupillary defect. Basic refractometry utilizing an auto refraction or habitual glass prescription in the phoropter. Instills eye medications. Responsible for measuring intraocular pressure of the eye utilizing techniques, including Goldmann applanation tonometry. Performs pachymetry, intra-ocular lens calculations using the IOL Master, automated visual field testing using various perimetry machines, external photographs and fundus photography, optical coherence tomography (OCT) of the anterior segment, retina and optic nerve, patient screening and triage emergencies identifying ocular emergencies, and patient screening and telephone triage for immediate care. Assists during clinic-based ophthalmic surgery, including revision of wounds, biopsies of the eyelid lesions, cultures of conjunctiva, or cornea; reformation of anterior chamber, evacuation of hyphemia, repositioning of corneal endothelial grafts, intra -vitreous injections, and laser surgical procedures. Educates patients and legal authorized representatives in eye care, including preoperative and postoperative instructions. Assists in the education and training of medical students, residents and fellows in those facilities with medical school affiliations. Ensures proper cleaning and disinfection; calibration, maintenance, backup, annual inventory and ordering of instruments, supplies and equipment; obtains quotes as needed; and reports needed repairs to biomedical engineering. Work Schedule: Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm Telework: Available Virtual: This is not a virtual position Functional Statement #: 000000 Relocation/Recruitment Incentives: Not authorized EDRP Authorized: Former EDRP participants ineligible to apply for incentive.Contact [email protected] for questions/assistance. Learn more Permanent Change of Station (PCS): Not authorized Financial Disclosure Report: Not required



To qualify for this position, applicants must meet all requirements within 30 days of the closing date of this announcement. Basic Requirements: United States Citizenship: Non-citizens may only be appointed when it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens in accordance with VA Policy. Experience and Education: Experience: One year of experience in a health care field, such as but not limited to nursing, medical assistant, or health technician. OR Education: Two years above high school with a minimum of six semester hours directly related to a health care field or associate's degree in a health care related degree. OR Experience/Education Combination: Equivalent combinations of experience and education are qualifying. Examples are listed below: Six months of experience in the health care field; and one year above high school; or Six months of experience in the health care field and successful completion of a course for health care technicians, hospital corpsmen, medical service specialists, or ophthalmology technicians given by the U.S. Armed Forces; or Six months of experience in the health care field and completion of an independent study course in Ophthalmic Medical Assisting. Certification: All applicants must be certified as a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA) with the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO). The COA certification is JCAHPO's entry-level certification examination for a Health Technician (Ophthalmology). Exception: Non-certified applicants who otherwise meet the minimum qualification requirements may be appointed as a graduate Health Technician (Ophthalmology) under the authority of 38 U.S.C. 7405(c)(2)(B). The appointing official may waive the requirement of certification for a period not to exceed two years for a Health Technician (Ophthalmology) that provides care under the supervision of an Ophthalmologist. The exception only applies below the full performance level. For grade levels at or above the full performance level the candidate must be certified. Failure to obtain COA certification during that period is justification for termination of the temporary appointment and may result in termination of employment. Failure to Obtain Certification: In all cases, the Health Technician (Ophthalmology) must actively pursue meeting certification requirements starting from the date of appointment. At the time of appointment, the supervisor will provide the uncertified Health Technician (Ophthalmology) with the written requirement to obtain certification, the date by which the certification must be acquired, and the consequences for not becoming certified by the deadline. Failure to become certified within two years from date of appointment will result in removal from the Health Technician (Ophthalmology), GS-0640 series and may result in termination of employment. Loss of Credentials: A Health Technician (Ophthalmology) who fails to maintain the required certification must be removed from the occupation, which may also result in termination of employment. Grade Determinations: GS-5 (Entry Level) Experience or Education: None beyond the basic requirements. Assignment: Employees at this grade level serve in a Health Technician (Ophthalmology) entry level position and are trainee in nature. The entry level performs limited routine assignments under daily direct supervision. Deviations from unanticipated problems and unfamiliar situations are referred to the supervisor for a decision or help. Obtains and records vital signs including blood pressure, pulse, and glucose levels. Participates in performance of quality assurance activities such as staff meetings, mandatory educational in-services, quality control reports, systems redesign, and team and morale improvement. GS-6 (Developmental Level 1) Experience: One year of experience equivalent to the GS-5 grade level. In addition to the experience above, the candidate must demonstrate all of the following KSAs: Knowledge of general outpatient clinical policies and procedures in a healthcare environment; Ability to obtain, document and record demographic and medical information from patients in order to develop an accurate medical record; Ability to use basic ophthalmic equipment; and Knowledge of basic disinfection of non-critical reusable medical equipment. GS-7 (Developmental Level 2) Experience: One year of experience equivalent to the GS-6 grade level. In addition to the experience above, the candidate must demonstrate all of the following KSAs: Knowledge of anatomy and function of the eye and basic ocular pharmacology; Knowledge of outpatient eye care policies and procedures in a health care environment; Ability to use basic ophthalmic diagnostic equipment to perform preliminary ocular testing; Ability to perform minor extraocular surgical assisting; and Ability to provide eye care patient education. GS-8 (Full Performance Level) Experience: One year of experience equivalent to the GS-7 grade level. In addition to the experience above, the candidate must demonstrate all of the following KSAs: Ability to perform advanced tonometry and pupil evaluation; Ability to perform calculations for selection of intraocular lens; Knowledge of clinic based ophthalmic surgical assisting; Knowledge of eye anatomy and physiology; Knowledge of medication effects and proper instillation in the eye; Knowledge of optics; and Knowledge of proper cleaning and maintenance of clinic equipment. References: VA Handbook 5005/98 Part II Appendix G52 The full performance level of this vacancy is GS-8. The actual grade at which an applicant may be selected for this vacancy is in the range of GS-5 to GS-8. Physical Requirements: Moderate lifting (15-44lbs), moderate carrying, use of fingers, both hands required, walking, standing, repeated bending, ability for rapid mental and muscular coordination simultaneously, near vision correctable at 13" to 16" to Jaeger 1 to 4, ability to distinguish basic colors, ability to distinguish shades of colors, hearing (aid may be permitted), and mental and emotional stability. Environmental factors of this position are working outside and inside, constant noise, working closely with others, and working alone.


IMPORTANT: A transcript must be submitted with your application if you are basing all or part of your qualifications on education.

Note: Only education or degrees recognized by the U.S. Department of Education from accredited colleges, universities, schools, or institutions may be used to qualify for Federal employment. You can verify your education here: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/. If you are using foreign education to meet qualification requirements, you must send a Certificate of Foreign Equivalency with your transcript in order to receive credit for that education. For further information, visit: https://sites.ed.gov/international/recognition-of-foreign-qualifications/.


  • Address VA Puget Sound Health Care System 1660 South Columbian Way Seattle, WA 98108 US
  • Name: Rebecca Hanson
  • Phone: 509-434-7320
  • Email: [email protected]


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