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Are you looking for a Senior Advisor (Workplace Culture & Strategy), MC-301-3A? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Millennium Challenge Corporation in Washington. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Millennium Challenge Corporation person

Job opening: Senior Advisor (Workplace Culture & Strategy), MC-301-3A

Salary: $163 800 - 211 240 per year
Published at: Mar 26 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
This position is located in the Department of Administration & Finance, and reports to the Deputy Vice President (A&F), within the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Although the position is advertised equivalent GS-15, MCC uses a pay banded system to compensate employees. This position is pay band MC-3A which is generally equal to GS-15.


The incumbent will have responsibilities for performing the following: Developing and executing MCC's People and Culture strategy. Contributing to the development and achievement of MCC's medium and long-term strategy, ensuring effective inclusion of management, supervisory team and senior leadership and culture considerations and challenges workplace culture. Serving as a subject-matter-expert and reporting office, providing technical advice, guidance, and recommendations to management and other key officials on the integration of human capital planning and diversity topics. Recommending and evaluating integrative activities such as enhanced communication channels and problem-solving methods and related considerations when developing strategic human capital and diversity management plans and policies. Communicating strategies to clarify links between diversity management and human capital planning strategies. Monitoring and evaluating current diversity and inclusion initiatives with stakeholders and leaders and partners with human resources specialists to ensure diversity and inclusion is embedded in all areas of MCC's organizational culture and that its principles are reflected in all aspects of human capital management. Designing and leading initiatives including research and diagnostics to maximize the engagement of all employees and build organizational commitment to the desired culture. Performing other related duties as assigned.


  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a federal security clearance
  • More than 1 job may be filled if additional vacancies occur within 120 days
  • Relocation expenses will not be paid
  • Some domestic and international travel may be required


To qualify for pay band 3A applicants must meet the following: Have at least one year of specialized experience relevant to the position duties and comparable to the MCC Pay Band 3B (GS-14) or an equivalent level which is directly related to the work of this position, and which has equipped the applicant with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position. For this position, this experience is defined as: leading and supporting engagement and communication in support of human capital planning and diversity; working across an organization to ensure principles of diversity and inclusion are embedded in business operations; collaborating strategy, programs, and partnerships with a variety of groups such as human resources, legal, equal employment opportunity, special emphasis, external stakeholders, etc. Note: This experience MUST be well documented within your resume or application Time-in-grade requirements apply. You must have one year of Federal service equivalent to pay band 3B or GS-14 to be eligible for pay band 3A. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ensure the work history portion thoroughly documents the duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments that are directly related to this position in order to verify specialized experience. A new hire's direct and overall experience are critical factors in determining a salary offer. It is important that your resume fully reflects all of your directly related work experience. Salary offers include three key factors: The selectee's directly related experience at the same level as the position. The selectee's overall experience in a particular area. The salaries of employees in similar positions and with similar levels of experience. MCC also takes the selectee's skill set into account. Applicants should note that salary offers seldom fall near the upper end of the salary range listed in the vacancy announcement. Salary may be set from the minimum to the midpoint of the salary range of the pay band. In some instances, based on a selectee's extensive experience directly related to the position, salary may be set at or above the mid-point up to the maximum salary for that pay band. See information on MCC base pay ranges and salary structure (https://www.mcc.gov/careers/compensation/.


  • Address Department of Administration and Finance 1099 - 14th St, NW Washington, DC 20005 US
  • Name: MCC HR-Applications
  • Email: [email protected]


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