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Are you looking for a Group Chief? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Office of the Director of National Intelligence in Washington. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Office of the Director of National Intelligence person

Job opening: Group Chief

Salary: $163 964 - 191 900 per year
Published at: Jan 24 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) leads the nation's effort to protect the United States from terrorism by integrating, analyzing and sharing information to drive whole-of-government action and achieve our national CT objectives.


Major Duties and Responsibilities: Serve as the Chief, Enterprise Operations Group, responsible for overseeing the National Counterterrorism Center's budget, resource and contract planning and execution, facilities, strategic workforce planning, and retention and development of the workforce of the future. Lead, manage, and direct a professional level staff, evaluate performance, collaborate on goal setting and provide feedback and guidance regarding personal and professional development opportunities. Manage NCTC resource planning & programming efforts, working with NCTC senior leaders and the COO on the Center's equities across all business and operational areas. Lead the discussion of strategic budget priorities among the Directorates and Offices at key decision points, In conjunction with CFE, draft and/or review budget requests, impact statements, and responses to resource reductions, Questions for the record for OMB or Congress, and inquiries from other oversight bodies. Oversee ranking and prioritizing of competing requirements for additional capabilities through a transparent and accountable methodology. Oversee the Center's Strategic Workforce Planning, staffing posture, and tracking of personal services expenditures and FTE utilization, working closely across Directorates and Offices to ensure NCTC's recruitment and retention strategies meet mission needs and NCTC's authorized budget. Oversee to ensure systems can achieve operational capability with constrained resources Lead and oversee the National Counterterrorism Center's (NCTC) professional development activities to include tailored trainings, development and retention of the next generation workforce capable of addressing emerging terrorist threats that threaten US interests and are highly capable and versatile in operating in a complex, data centric environment. Manage the Center's space allocations, logistics, and coordinate NCTC's IT requirements and actions. Work with ODNI/Mission Support Division, ITS, and NCTOC to maintain a facilities Infrastructure to support NCTC's continuity of operations and disaster recovery. Serve as one of the Center's Accountability Officers, responsible to D/NCTC to manage NCTC's property transactions for ODNI accountable property. Maintain records concerning property, receipt, storage, issuance and disposition. Conduct quarterly and annual inventories. Oversee NCTC's accountable property Responsible Officers in the execution of their duties. Oversee acquisitions and procurement activities in support of NCTC missions and operations.



Mandatory Requirements: Superior ability to lead a team in the design and implementation of integration strategies for IC initiatives and programs, including the superior ability to manage human, financial, and information resources. Superior analytical and critical thinking skills, including the superior ability to think strategically, identify needs and requirements, develop recommendations, and evaluate outcomes against goals and objectives. Superior ability to manage strategic and tactical level topics, and develop innovative recommendations and solutions for improvement. Superior interpersonal skills and superior ability to work effectively in both independent and in a team or collaborative environment. Expert knowledge of financial and budget processes, acquisition and procurement activities. Deep understanding of preparation and execution of project and organization budgets. Superior ability to monitor expenditures and analyze cost-benefits to set priorities. Expert knowledge of Human Resource Management practices and FTE management and utilization. Superior oral and written communication skills, including superior ability to draft and edit written reports of varying length and complexity, and to communicate effectively with audiences of varying seniority and expertise. 5 years of IC experience All applicants are required to provide a Cover Letter and Resume.


Bachelor's Degree


  • Address EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Director Of National Intelligence Washington, DC 20511 US
  • Name: Vacancy Team ODNI
  • Email: [email protected]


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