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Are you looking for a Innovation Program Manager? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Rockville. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Nuclear Regulatory Commission person

Job opening: Innovation Program Manager

Salary: $132 368 - 172 075 per year
Relocation: YES
City: Rockville
Published at: Sep 22 2023
Employment Type: Full-time
This position is located in the Office of Regulatory Research, Division of Risk Analysis, Human Factors and Reliability Branch.The supervisor is Milton Valentin-Olmeda.This  position is bargaining unit. Expenses associated with interview and/or relocation will be paid. This position is not subject to Confidential Financial Disclosure reporting requirements. This position is not subject to security ownership restriction reporting requirements.


The successful candidate will perform the following duties: (1) develop and promote an innovation program that drives organizational change; (2) function as the agency lead for building acceptance strategies, sustainability plans and outcome measures for programs, initiatives, projects and services to improve program performance; (3) serve as a liaison between senior management, subject matter experts, external partners, external agencies and businesses leading innovative initiatives; (4) collaborate with all critical stakeholders to identify opportunities and strategies that support the NRC's efforts and accelerate implementation of promising ideas;(5) develop and present proposals, updates, issues and findings to senior management inclusive of suggestions, risk mitigation, cost benefit analysis and action plans; (6) provide analytical and strategy support for the evaluation of strategic innovation opportunities; and (7) represent the agency as the principal point of contact for advice and guidance on innovation.


  • This is a Drug Testing position.
  • This position requires an L(H) clearance.


In order to qualify for this position, you must have at least one year of specialized experience at the next lower grade level in the Federal service or equivalent experience in the private or public sector.  The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate the following: 1.  Demonstrated knowledge of the principles, theories, and practices in the fields of organizational change management and/or innovation in order to implement innovation. (Examples may include your development and implementation of innovations within organizations. Examples may include support provided to organizations implementing innovations or organizational change. Additionally, examples may include training and experience that demonstrates your knowledge of organizational change management and your use of scientific or proven approaches to accomplish organizational change.) 2.  Demonstrated ability to lead interdisciplinary teams and perform project management activities. (Examples may include experience that demonstrates your ability to coordinate, lead, and manage activities of interdisciplinary projects and programs within schedule and resource limitations, and to establish effective interactions with individuals to accomplish common objectives and consolidate complex and assorted opinions. Examples include the scope and complexity or innovative nature of the projects and activities and the organizations with which you collaborated.) 3.  Demonstrated ability to clearly communicate with an organization’s staff and management, other government agencies, elected officials, the public, the press and/or industry groups on varied complex and sometimes controversial technical problems. (Examples may include experience in creating innovative multi-media communications and engaging presentations and the various levels of individuals for which the communications were developed. Examples may also include where you have utilized skills in communicating complex technical and/or administrative issues to an organization’s staff and management, other government agencies, elected officials, the public, the press and/or industry groups and how your communications have played a role in the understanding or resolution of issues. Examples may include the types of communication products you have had primary responsibility for preparing. Examples may include your engagement with external organizations in exchanging information and collaborating with them.) SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE is defined as any experience that demonstrates the candidate's ability to analyze organizational performance, and develop, lead, and implement organizational innovation. A description of how you possess the specialized experience as well as how you meet the qualifications desired in an ideal candidate should be addressed in your resume. 


There are no educational requirements for this position.


  • Address NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer Attn: Darlene Negrin, MS TWFN-02A77M Washington, District of Columbia 20555 United States
  • Name: Darlene Negrin
  • Phone: 301-287-0559
  • Email: [email protected]


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