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Are you looking for a ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT MECHANIC? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Army National Guard Units in Guernsey. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Army National Guard Units person


Salary: $34 - 43 per hour
City: Guernsey
Published at: May 16 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
THIS IS A NATIONAL GUARD TITLE 32 EXCEPTED SERVICE POSITION. This National Guard position is for a ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT MECHANIC, Position Description Number PDD1202000 and is part of the WY Combined Support Maintenance Shop, Wyoming Army National Guard. This is a Title 32 Dual Status Technician Excepted Service position. Military affiliation is required.


This position involves a multi-grade career ladder. At the WG-11 grade level, you will perform assignments of a more limited scope. You will progressively acquire the background necessary to perform at the full performance level of WG-12. Promotion is at the discretion of the supervisor and is contingent upon satisfactory performance, performance rating of "fully successful" or higher, availability of higher-level work, and availability of funds. The primary purpose of this position is to perform calibration, diagnostics repair, and certification of electronic, mechanical, and radiation Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE). WG-11 Duties: Expected to (within one year be able to) independently plan work sequences, select tools and repair parts, and otherwise carry assignments through to completion, referring to only unusual or difficult problems to supervisors. Work is performed in accordance with manufacturers' specifications, schematics, technical manuals, and bulletins. Often develops and implement techniques for use on specific equipment, which normally involves developing diagrams and sketches. Review of work is made through in progress and final inspections. Work is evaluated by ability to meet production control schedules, and quality assurance of service rendered to equipment repaired and certified. WG-12 Duties: This position oversees one or more employees who perform work as Electronic Measurement Equipment Mechanic, WG-2602. Plans and lays out work to be accomplished in the shop, which is then completed by the individual and lower graded worker(s); possesses the knowledge and skills found at the journeyman level as well as those required for planning, accomplishing, and maintaining a functional state calibration program; independently determines appropriate maintenance procedures such as how and when the work should be accomplished; and devises and maintains program plans and records, is skilled in surveillance and troubleshooting techniques, and is able to determine maintenance/repair procedures needed without benefit of technical supervisory guidance. ** This is NOT an all-inclusive list of duties. **



TECHNICIAN INFO Type of Appointment: Permanent Tenure: Group 1 or 2 Work Schedule: Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 4:30 pm FLSA: Exempt Telework: The duties of this position require primary physical presence. Situational telework may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Para/Line: 6021/180 Selecting Official: CSM Tim Smith The Areas of Consideration will be as follows. Area 1: All permanent and indefinite Wyoming National Guard (NG) WY ARNG employees assigned to the CSMS. Area 2: All permanent and indefinite Wyoming National Guard (NG) T32 Dual Status technicians employed within the Wyoming Army National Guard. Area 4: All current M-day soldiers of the Wyoming Army National Guard. Area 6: Current military members of the US Army, Army Reserves, or other states' Army National Guard units or prior service members of one of those military branches. Must be willing/eligible to join the Wyoming Army National Guard as a military member prior to appointment to position. MILITARY GRADE In-State Applicants: Min: E-5/SGT Max: E-8/MSG Out-of-State Applicants: Min: E-5/SGT Max: E7/SFC Out-of-State enlisted applicant's military grade cannot exceed the maximum military grade authorized. Over-grade applicants must provide a written demotion statement of understanding with application, willingness to be administratively reduced in grade (state specific grade - E7/SFC) if selected for this position. A Demotion Statement of Understanding is located at: https://go.usa.gov/xEeWG Enlisted Applicants' under- or over-grade (without a written demotion statement of understanding with application) will not be considered for this vacancy. Acceptance of this position does not in any way constitute a military promotion. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Work involved in the maintenance, repairs, calibration, and certification of electronic test, measurement, and reference equipment used for precise measurement of a variety of electrical and electronic values. Quantities and relationships such as voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and inductance. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: WG-11: Must possess experience or training which demonstrates a working knowledge of electronic principles involved in the generation and measurement of such elements as voltage, current, impedance, capacitance, frequency, and inductance. Experience in the use of various precision measurement instruments and standards; and acquisition and application of comprehensive trade knowledge to calibrate equipment that includes self-contained and functionally independent units as well as those combined and interrelated with other devices and/or composed of multi-component assemblies. WG-12: Must possess experience or training with basic application of operating principles such as the production and utilization of oscillations over a broad range of frequencies; signal and waveform behavior, distortion, and amplification; pulse, trigger, and synchronization techniques; and a variety of display and indication methods. Experience in tracing signals and voltage paths, and skilled in the analysis of waveform characteristics such as timing, duration, frequency, and phasing. Originates test set-ups to isolate malfunctions and check performance characteristics of special or unique test panels or mockups. Experience in interpreting and applying a variety of technical electronic information such as schematic symbols, mathematical expressions and formulas, calibration procedures, and other reference materials. Experience in applying established techniques and methods of repair, testing, alignment, and calibration of equipment, which serves as test equipment or precision measurement standards. Experience in utilizing electronic circuits to measure electronic or electrical quantities to determine the performance characteristics and accuracy of other instruments and equipment. NOTE: Specialized Experience will be used to determine qualifications for the announced position. Applicants must provide from (e.g., 02/2015 - 03/2017 or Feb 2017 - Mar 2017) dates and hours worked per week with description of your specialized experience on the resume. MILITARY REQUIREMENTS: Selected candidates will be required to be in a compatible military grade and assignment prior to the effective date of placement. Preference will be given to 94- or 25-series MOS. DRIVER'S LICENSE: Must possess a valid driver's license.


This job does not have an education qualification requirement.


  • Address WY Combined Support Maintenance Shop PO Box 399 Guernsey, WY 82214 US
  • Name: William Pacheco
  • Phone: (307) 772-5289
  • Email: [email protected]


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