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Are you looking for a MATERIALS HANDLER (Title 5)? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Air National Guard Units in Fort Smith. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Air National Guard Units person

Job opening: MATERIALS HANDLER (Title 5)

Salary: $22 - 26 per hour
Published at: Mar 26 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
THIS IS A NATIONAL GUARD TITLE 5 EXCEPTED SERVICE POSITION This National Guard position is for a MATERIALS HANDLER (Title 5), Position Description Number T5803700 and is part of the AR ANG 188 LGR SQ, National Guard.


1. Receives and processes notice to stock parts and equipment. Assures incoming materiel matches that of the accompanying documentation. Examines materiel for shortages, overages and obvious damage and coordinates any discrepancies with the Cargo Movement Element. 2. Stores all in-warehouse supply and equipment items. Provides secure storage and handling of classified and sensitive items. Provides proper storage and handling of Electrostatic Discharge Items (ESD) in accordance with applicable technical orders and publications. Determines within the general warehousing plan how to arrange stock within the storage area. Stores items for convenience of handling and ease of movement. Assures stored items are protected from damage, deterioration, and pilferage. Schedules and maintains an aggressive surveillance inspection program for items in central storage to assure that all assets are ready for issue. Takes necessary action to control deterioration and/or corrosion of items in storage. Assures required tags, labels, and markings are affixed to property to reflect identity, status, and condition. Makes sure that technical data is retained when retagging items. Initiates inputs to add or delete warehouse locations on item records. 3. Conducts periodic validation of warehouse locations. Responsible for the inventory and proper accounting of all in-warehouse assets. Performs special inventories as required. Selects items to be issued and/or shipped and transfers them to the Cargo Movement Element for subsequent delivery/shipment. Issues oldest items first when dated item control applies. Assures items requiring special handling (i.e., classified) are receipted for by authorized individuals. 4. Inspects all classes of property for which the USPFO Accountable Officer has responsibility and/or accountability, including small arms, aircraft parts and components; motor vehicle parts; building and construction materials; special equipment; gasses, chemical, and wood products; packaged petroleum products: machines and communication equipment. Determines that materials are properly identified as to condition, identity, security, classification. Uses a variety of measuring devices, conversion charts to determine moisture factors on lumber and classification factors/special markings on gasses, chemicals and metals. Refers to contract specifications, technical orders, manufacturers' catalogs, stock lists, FEDLOG, and other available guides in identifying material (inspects for deterioration and corrosion of all stocked items and initiates/recommends necessary action). Prepares reports for damaged or deficient condition. Prepares written replies for higher headquarters tasking. 5. Monitors material suspect program to eliminate possible hazards or substandard material. Monitors petroleum/chemical materiel by regularly checking and inspecting all petroleum and chemical products stored to ensure test dates are within prescribed time frames. Coordinates with responsible agency by telephone, message, or correspondence to determine the serviceability of assets. Ensures all shelf life items are inspected quarterly for serviceability. Coordinates with base Medical Group's Bioenvironmental Health Technician on all hazardous items to ensure all items are identified on the item record. Monitors functional check program by coordinating inputs and routing items to the maintenance/supply liaison to ensure all functional check assets are ready for issue. Identifies and controls required Technical Order Compliance (TCTO), inventory, code and tags material in accordance with TCTO furnished by Maintenance Quality Assurance (QA). Endorses letter back to QA upon completion. 6. Identifies incomplete items. Assigns applicable condition code, affixes tag, initiates requests for component items to restore to serviceable condition. Follows established guidelines in assignment of demilitarization codes for disposal items. Monitors demilitarization, required documentation, and transfer of items to disposal. Downgrades low dollar value property to scrap, prepares documentation and transfers to Cargo Movement Element for disposal for lot processing. Requests special inventory for items found on base. Manages the Precious Metals Recovery Program (PRMP). 7. Performs other duties as assigned



GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Experience or training which demonstrates the ability to compare item identification against receiving reports and issue request forms; skill in using hand trucks, dollies, and other equipment to move stock; ability to use hammers, pliers, and other hand tools; and to follow oral and written instructions. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Experience or training in receiving, packaging, and preparation for shipment. Experience in compiling reports, overall warehouse planning, documentation requirements, and accepted warehousing methods, procedures, and techniques. Experience in setting up and rotating storage locations considering factors such as life expectancy, available space, product turnover, etc.


  • Address AR ANG 188 LGR SQ Bldg 7300-Camp Robinson North Little Rock, AR 72199-9600 US
  • Name: AR HRO Customer Service
  • Email: [email protected]