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Are you looking for a Advanced Practice Nurse - Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Veterans Health Administration in Washington. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Veterans Health Administration person

Job opening: Advanced Practice Nurse - Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Salary: $171 989 - 249 331 per year
Published at: Mar 26 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
This position is eligible for the Education Debt Reduction Program (EDRP), a student loan payment reimbursement program. You must meet specific individual eligibility requirements in accordance with VHA policy and submit your EDRP application within four months of appointment. Approval, award amount (up to $200,000) and eligibility period (one to five years) are determined by the VHA Education Loan Repayment Services program office after complete review of the EDRP application.


Performs pre-anesthetic evaluations, collaborates with the interdisciplinary team to prepare the anesthesia plan, delivers of all forms of anesthesia, and provides intra and post-operative care of patients. Provides emergency airway and resuscitation management throughout the facility and establishes effective working relationships with all levels of staff throughout the Washington DC VA Medical Center. Performs the pre-anesthetic patient history and physical, including the collection of preoperative consults and data, from which an appropriate anesthetic plan is formulated. Administers inhalation, regional, intravenous, local, and topical anesthetics and continuously evaluates the patient's physical status and response to anesthesia. Performs post-anesthetic management of patients in order to optimize the recovery from anesthesia and minimize pain. Provides patient care that is a abreast of changing concepts and advancements in the profession while working effectively in an interdisciplinary environment for improvement of services for patient care. Demonstrates skill in conducting and managing anesthesia for a broad range of surgical procedures and the ability to adapt and modify anesthesia techniques in order to optimize patient care. Demonstrates the ability to perform the clinical and technical aspects of anesthesia care and has in-depth knowledge of anesthesia methods and techniques. Effectively blends technology, skills, and competency for the advancement of anesthesia techniques, pharmacology, and equipment. Applies new developments and theories to recognize and solve various complex anesthesia situations. Assists in the development of policies, procedures, and protocols related to anesthesia within the institution and contributes to other policies, procedures, and protocols as appropriate. Participates in ad hoc committees as needed. Performs as a mentor, preceptor, or nurse educator providing didactic and clinical instruction for graduate-level nurse anesthesia students and/or anesthesia care providers. The individual is responsible for maintaining competencies by attending relevant continuing education programs and maintaining active professional involvement within the academic community. VA offers a comprehensive total rewards package: VA Nurse Total Rewards Pay: Competitive salary, regular salary increases, potential for performance awards Paid Time Off: 50 days of paid time off per year (26 days of annual leave, 13 days of sick leave, 11 paid Federal holidays per year) Retirement: Traditional federal pension (5 years vesting) and federal 401K with up to 5% in contributions by VA Insurance: Federal health/vision/dental/term life/long-term care (many federal insurance programs can be carried into retirement) Licensure: 1 full and unrestricted license from any US State or territory Work Schedule: 7:00am - 3:30pm with covering in house and from home call to meet the needs of the department. Compressed/Flexible: Eligible Telework: Ad-hoc Virtual: This is not a virtual position. Relocation/Recruitment Incentives: Not authorized EDRP Authorized: Contact the EDRP Coordinator for questions/assistance. Learn more Permanent Change of Station (PCS): Not authorized Financial Disclosure Report: Not required



Basic Requirements: United States Citizenship: Non-citizens may only be appointed when it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens in accordance with VA Policy. English Language Proficiency. In accordance with 38 U.S.C. 7402(d), no person shall serve in direct patient care positions unless they are proficient in basic written and spoken English. Graduate of a school of professional nursing approved by one of the following accrediting bodies at the time the program was completed by the applicant. The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The approving official may authorize a waiver of the requirement for ACEN or CCNE accreditation of any degree in nursing provided the college or university has regional accreditation from an accrediting body recognized by the Department of Education at the time of the candidate's graduation and the composite qualifications of the applicant warrant such consideration. In cases of graduates of foreign schools of professional nursing, possession of current, full, active and unrestricted registration will meet the requirement of graduation from an approved school of professional nursing. OR The completion of coursework equivalent to a nursing degree in a MSN Bridge Program that qualifies for professional nursing registration constitutes the completion of an approved course of study of professional nursing. Students should submit the certificate of professional nursing to sit for the NCLEX to the VA along with a copy of the MSN transcript. (Reference VA Handbook 5005, Appendix G6) OR In cases of graduates of foreign schools of professional nursing, possession of a current, full, active and unrestricted registration will meet the requirement for graduation from an approved school of professional nursing. Education Accreditation Requirement: Graduate of an accredited nurse anesthesia educational program approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) at the time the program was completed by the applicant. Licensure and Certification. The following licensure and certification requirements are considered conditions of employment. License. All APNs (CNAs) must maintain an active, current, full and unrestricted license to practice as a CNA or equivalent, in a State, Territory or Commonwealth of the United States or in the District of Columbia. Basic Certification. All APNs (CNAs) must maintain full and current Certification by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) or an equivalent Nurse Anesthetist certification recognized by the COA. Impaired Licensure and Certification. Human Resources office staff must appoint APN (CNA) in accordance with the provisions in chapter 3, section B, paragraph 15 of this part, who have or have ever had, any license or certification revoked, suspended, denied, restricted, limited or issued/placed in a probationary status. Preferred Experience: Must be Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist State license for RN and CRNA NOTE: Grandfathering Provision - All persons employed in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in this occupational series and APN (CNA) assignment that are also performing the duties as described in the qualification standard on the effective date of this qualification standard are considered to have met all qualification requirements for the grade held including positive education and licensure/certification. For employees who do not meet all the basic requirements required in this standard, but who met the qualifications applicable to the position at the time they were appointed to it, the following provisions apply: (1) APN (CNA) who are retained under this provision and subsequently leaves the occupation or assignment, loses protected status and must meet the full VA qualification standard requirements in effect at the time of re-entry to the occupation. (2) APN (CNA) initially grandfathered into this occupation or assignment, who subsequently obtain additional education and/or licensure/certification and meet all the basic requirements of this qualification standard, must maintain the required credentials as a condition of employment in the occupation. (3) APN (CNAs) who are appointed on a temporary basis prior to the effective date of the qualification standard may not have their temporary appointment extended or be reappointed, on a temporary or permanent basis, until they fully meet the basic requirements of the standard. Physical Requirements: Moderate lifting (15-44 lbs.); Light lifting, under 15 pounds; Moderate carrying (15-44); Light carrying, under 15 pounds; Straight Pulling (1 hour); Pushing (1-3 hours); Reaching above shoulder; Use of fingers; Both hands required; Walking (4 hours); Standing (2-7 hours); Kneeling (2 hours); Repeated bending (2 hours); Climbing, use of legs and arms; Both Legs required; Ability for rapid mental and muscular coordination simultaneously; Near vision correctable at 13" to 16" to Jaeger 1 to 4; specific visual requirement 20/40 DVA; corrected; Ability to distinguish basic colors; Hearing (aid permitted); Sitting (8 hours per day); Simple Grasping (2-4 hours per day); Fine Manipulation (4-6 hours, includes keyboarding per day); Twisting (2 hours per day); Mental and Emotional Stability.


APN (Certified Nurse Anesthetist) II.

(a) Education and Experience Requirement. Meets basic education requirement for an APN (CNA). Nurse II is considered the entry grade level for APNs (CNAs); no experience is required.
(b) Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. The following list of knowledge, skills and abilities present the minimum skill set expected of an Entry Level CNA. Entry level into practice may include but are not limited to the following:
  1. Ability to translate into anesthesia care the principles of professional nursing practice including the patients' rights to autonomy, dignity, privacy and safety.
  2. Knowledge of current research and practice guidelines to frame anesthesia practice including up to date techniques, pharmacology and equipment.
  3. Ability to obtain, document and verify informed anesthesia consent and perform a pre-anesthetic patient history and physical, which includes managing pre-operative consults and interpreting data.
  4. Ability to formulate a patient-specific anesthetic plan and describe salient anesthetic risks, benefits and options to the patient.
  5. Ability to administer inhalational, regional, intravenous, local and topical anesthetics.
  6. Skill in detecting and treating anesthesia or surgically related physiologic changes and ability to treat accordingly in order to maintain homeostasis.
  7. Skill in assessing patient status for appropriateness of transfer of care to another healthcare provider and communicating essential patient information to other providers effectively.
  8. Ability to participate in collaborative responsibility for proper patient positioning, physiologic monitoring, infection control and anesthesia documentation.
  9. Skill in responding to emergency situations by providing airway management, fluid and medication administration, invasive line insertion and management and the use of advanced cardiac life support techniques.
  10. Ability to provide patient care that is abreast of changing concepts and advancements in the profession, (e.g., ultrasound techniques.)
  11. Ability to practice anesthesia in an interdisciplinary environment utilizing a collaborative concept of anesthesia care.
  12. Knowledge of quality improvement processes to maintain ongoing review and evaluation of anesthesia care to improve outcomes.
  13. Ability to demonstrate a practice emphasis on safety, current established guidelines and protocols while recognizing the duty to report unsafe conditions or errors.
APN (Certified Nurse Anesthetist) III.

(a) Education and Experience Requirement.
  1. Meets basic education requirement for an APN (CNA) AND
  2. One year of specialized APN (CNA) experience equivalent to the APN (CNA) II grade level.
(b) Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. Progressively responsible experience in the administration of anesthetics as indicated in the knowledge, skills and abilities listed below.
  1. Ability to plan, administer and manage anesthesia for a broad range of complex surgical procedures skillfully employing continuous assessment and anesthetic adaptation based on patient response and comorbidities. Work assignments will vary by facility.
  2. Ability to participate in assignments that are technically challenging, encompass a variety of anesthetizing locations and utilize advanced equipment and procedures while adapting techniques to solve various complex anesthesia problems II-G6d-6 including the development of individualized programs of post-op anesthesia care.
  3. Skill in responsibility and accountability to perform to the extent of the CNA standards of practice as a licensed healthcare professional in any model of anesthesia practice.
  4. Ability to contribute to the educational mission as a mentor or preceptor providing didactic and clinical instruction in anesthesia to student nurse anesthetists, medical and dental residents and other health care trainees.
  5. Knowledge to participate in the development, implementation and maintenance of auditing processes that ensure and improve the quality and consistency of anesthesia and associated documentation.
  6. Ability to contribute to departmental administrative processes through quality assurance, shared governance or committee representation as applicable.
  7. Ability to serve as a representative on interdisciplinary teams to establish and maintain guidelines and communication.
  8. Skill demonstrated in the ability to embrace the safety culture emphasis by continuously assessing for safety risks, actively reporting safety concerns and maintaining a just culture by identifying faults in systems rather than individuals.
Reference: VA Regulations, specifically VA Handbook 5005, Part II, Appendix G-7 Nurse Anesthetist Qualification Standard. This can be found in the local Human Resources Office.

IMPORTANT: A transcript must be submitted with your application if you are basing all or part of your qualifications on education.

Note: Only education or degrees recognized by the U.S. Department of Education from accredited colleges, universities, schools, or institutions may be used to qualify for Federal employment. You can verify your education here: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/. If you are using foreign education to meet qualification requirements, you must send a Certificate of Foreign Equivalency with your transcript in order to receive credit for that education. For further information, visit: http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html.


  • Address Washington VA Medical Center 50 Irving Street, Northwest Washington, DC 20422 US
  • Name: Melinda Mitchell
  • Phone: 681-238-8176
  • Email: [email protected]


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