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Are you looking for a HEAVY MOBILE EQUIPMENT MECHANIC? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Air National Guard Units in Reno. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Air National Guard Units person


Salary: $29 - 34 per hour
City: Reno
Published at: Mar 11 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
This position is for a HEAVY MOBILE EQUIPMENT MECHANIC, PD# D2431000, part of the Nevada Air National Guard. This position is located in the Air National Guard, Logistics Readiness Squadron, Vehicle Management Flight. Its purpose is to maintain, troubleshoot, overhaul, repair, modify, and inspect heavy mobile equipment, various support equipment, and special purpose vehicles.


(1) Repairs, adjust, overhauls, performs major repairs, and maintenance on military and commercial designed heavy mobile equipment and special purpose vehicles. Inspects repairs, overhauls and tests major systems including gasoline, diesel, electric powered hybrid, multi-fuel, turbine, and other types of internal combustion engines, which may be turbo-charged or blower assisted, automatic or manual transmissions, including those with power take offs, cross-drive transmissions, hydraulic, electric, pneumatic systems and controls, fluid pumping systems, turrets, winches and four wheel steering systems. Systematically analyzes malfunctions and the cause of mechanical failure by means of visual and auditory checks, uses computer-controlled test equipment, engine analyzers, compression testers, voltmeters, ohmmeters and pressure gauges in order to determine the exact nature of extent of repairs or adjustments necessary to complete work. Use specialized diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot problems in complex state-of-the-art electric and electronic systems to identify and replace defective components such as computer control modules, sensors, solenoids, digitized components, and circuits. Develop or improvise methods, alter parts, and make repairs in the absence of technical guidelines. Modify parts to fit, or improvises modifications to equipment to correct recurring malfunctions. Makes design modifications to meet special requirements, make adjustment or performs tests. Removes, disassembles overhauls, modifies, adjusts, and repairs, engines, transmissions, or sub-assemblies in accordance with the proper procedures and specifications. Reassembles engines, transmissions, and sub-assemblies, makes adjustments, tests and reinstalls in vehicles and equipment. Determines serviceability by operational driving test. (2) Performs body repair and corrosion control, refinishes and repaints surfaces as required. Repairs and/or replaces body parts, locks, glass, etc. and determines if additional repairs are required. Repairs may be accomplished by using welding equipment, power tools, hand tools and other specialized equipment. Cleans, tests, and repairs radiators/oil coolers and associated parts. Test, services, and repairs vehicle air conditioning systems following manufacturers and environmental guidelines. Replaces or repairs tires, tubes and balances wheel assemblies. (3) Prepares, maintains and submits applicable maintenance work orders for man-hour and data collection accounting, to include completing forms to reflect work performed or delayed and parts and maintenance required. Assists in establishing and maintaining adequate shop stock, special levels parts, and appropriate shop support equipment and tools. Inspect, maintains, and operates all appropriate shop equipment. Researches and assists in requisitioning materials, parts and equipment necessary to perform the vehicle maintenance/management mission. Assists in review and updating maintenance technical orders, shop operating instructions, commercial publications, MAJCOM and local publications, as well as other pertinent directives. Provides expert support to theCustomer Service Center to various unit members. (4) Participates as OJT Instructor in the vehicle maintenance area. Conducts instructional classes on methods and procedures of operation and maintenance concerning all aspects of vehicle repairs and assigned shop maintenance support equipment. Evaluates effectiveness of instruction, documents and maintains individual /section training and qualification records. (5) Assists in conducting the local occupational safety and health training program, to include compliance with directives and procedures for proper disposal of hazardous waste products within the functional area. Fully comprehends and complies with federal, state and local environmental laws and the requirements in Air Force Occupational, Safety and Health Standard (AFOSHSTD).



In order to qualify for this position, your resume must provide sufficient experience and/or education, knowledge, skills, and abilities, to perform the duties of the specific position for which you are being considered. Education requirement is based upon the qualification standards for the specific position and is stated under the heading "EDUCATION". Your resume is the key means we have for evaluating your skills, knowledge, and abilities, as they relate to this position. Therefore, we encourage you to be clear and specific in describing your experience. EACH APPLICANT MUST FULLY SUBSTANTIATE (IN THEIR OWN WORDS) THAT THEY MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE LISTED BELOW; OTHERWISE, THE APPLICANT WILL BE CONSIDERED UNQUALIFIED FOR THIS POSITION. DO NOT COPY FROM THE VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT OR THE POSITION DESCRIPTION OR YOU MAY BE DISQUALIFIED. GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Must have experience or training that has provided the candidate with the skill to make repairs or the ability to assist with repairs that can be accomplished by removing, adjusting, or replacing defective or worn parts. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have experience or training diagnosing, repairing, overhauling, and modifying more complex vehicles, equipment, and more complicated systems. Experience which has provided a thorough knowledge of diagnostic equipment. Experience applying independent judgment in determining methods and techniques required to solve unusually complex maintenance and repair problems. Experience in testing, inspecting, and evaluating the work performed on heavy mobile vehicles, equipment and systems.


There is no specific education requirement for this position. The applicant's record of experience and/or training must show possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to fully perform the duties of the position.

You must provide transcripts or other documentation to support your Training/Educational claims. To receive credit for Training/Education, you must provide documentation of proof that you meet the Training/Education requirements for this position.


  • Address NV 152 LGR SQ F2H9 1776 National Guard Way Reno, NV 89502-4494 US
  • Name: KATIE McCRAY
  • Phone: 775-788-4528
  • Email: [email protected]


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