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Are you looking for a AMMUNITION INSPECTOR SUPERVISOR T32? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Army National Guard Units in Florence. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Army National Guard Units person


Salary: $40 - 47 per hour
City: Florence
Published at: Feb 15 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
THIS IS A NATIONAL GUARD TITLE 32 EXCEPTED SERVICE POSITION. This National Guard position is for a AMMUNITION INSPECTOR SUPERVISOR T32, Position Description Number PDD2283000 and is part of the AZ USPFO, National Guard.


This position is located at the USPFO in Florence, Arizona. This is an Army National Guard (ARNG) Dual Status Technician position requiring military membership, compatible military skill assignment, and classification. The purpose of this position is to supervise subordinates, either directly or through subordinate leaders in accomplishing ammunition and explosive operations. Serves as the technical, administrative, and field supervisor, exercising full supervisory responsibility over operations of work crews performing surveillance inspection in an ASP activity during the receipt, storage, shipment, maintenance, modification, and demilitarization. The occupation and non-supervisory grade level that best reflect the nature of the overall work operations supervised is Ammunition Inspector, WG-6501-09. THIS IS A NATIONAL GUARD TITLE 32 EXCEPTED SERVICE POSITION.


  • ARIZONA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED. Prior to appointment into this position, selectee must be a current member of the Arizona Army National Guard, in a military organization supported by the USPFO.
  • This is an excepted service position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the employing state's National Guard, required prior to the effective date of placement.
  • Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform.
  • Acceptance of an excepted service position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.
  • Applicants who are not currently a member of the National Guard must be eligible for immediate membership and employment in the National Guard in the military grade listed in this announcement.
  • Males born after 31 December 1959 must be registered for Selective Service.
  • Federal employment suitability as determined by a background investigation.
  • May be required to successfully complete a probationary period.
  • Participation in direct deposit is mandatory.
  • Must have completed the HAZMAT Course.
  • Preferred 5k forklift license
  • Incumbent must be cleared IAW requirements of AR 190-11 (Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives) and must pass a local and national law enforcement files check.
  • Incumbent must meet the requirements of DA PAM 385-64, other applicable regulations, as well as validation by the ammunition and explosives safety certification board.
  • Must complete a Training and Certification Program for personnel working in ammunition operations.
  • Must perform TDY in conjunction with duties.
  • Must be certified in Hazardous Waste Site Personnel (29 CFR1910.120).
  • Recruitment, Relocation, or Retention Incentive may be offered and is subject to availability of funds.


Military Grades: Enlisted: SSG/E6 - SGM/CSM/E9 Warrant Officer: WO1/W1 - CW3/W3 Officer: 1LT/O2 - CPT/O3 Compatible Military Assignments: Possess the MOS/Branch: Enlisted: 89A, 89B Warrant Officer: 890A Officer: 91A, 90A SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must possess at least 36 months of experience interpreting wiring diagrams and facility blueprints, as well as scale indications in a toxic or radioactive environment. Experience planning work sequences and determining the requirements for serviceability of equipment and knows the impact of repairs on related integral devices. Experience interpreting technical publications with the ability to assist subordinates or other employees in interpreting technical publications applicable to the detection, identification and destruction of numerous types of explosives and toxic materials. In addition to the journeyman level knowledge, experience which demonstrates the ability to plan, direct, and organize work assignments for lower grade personnel. Experience which required the review of work requirements and establish priorites to meet deadlines. Experience that provided knowledge of various lines of work performed by this function. Experience which demonstrates the ability to supervise or the potential to perform such duties as evidenced by the ability to communicate knowledge of general supervisory concepts, and knowledge of shop processes. Experience in adapting existing equipment and techniques to new situations.


You must provide transcripts or other documentation to support your Educational claims. To receive credit for Education, you must provide documentation of proof that you meet the Education requirements for this position.


  • Name: Julie Jarvis
  • Phone: (602) 267-2822
  • Email: [email protected]