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Salary: $88 562 - 115 127 per year
Published at: Feb 15 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
THIS IS A NATIONAL GUARD TITLE 32 EXCEPTED SERVICE POSITION This National Guard positions is for a Budget Officer, Position Description D1678000, and is part of 158th Comptroller Flight of the Vermont Air National Guard.


The primary purpose of this position is to provide management oversight and guidance for both budget formulation and budget execution according to the Resource Management System (RMS). The incumbent is recognized as the top technical authority regarding fiscal and budgetary policy, law, and regulatory guidelines for all organizations serviced by the Wing Budget Office. The incumbent fosters an environment conducive to teamwork among resource managers and decision-makers in meeting the objectives and goals of the Resource Management System. This incumbent accomplishes budget functions in support of state and federal Air National Guard operations, training, and readiness missions, and the contingency operations of its total force and joint service partners. 1) Operates the Resource Management System, a network of commanders, resource advisors, cost center managers, and technical advisors aligned to the Wing/GSU organizational structure and oriented towards the management of appropriated funds and workdays for the accomplishment of unit missions. Provides resource managers with necessary guidance, information, knowledge, and training to accomplish mission goals and objectives. Designs presentation materials for, chairs, conducts, and documents the quarterly meetings of the Financial Working Group (FWG). Designs materials for, briefs, and documents the quarterly Financial Management Board (FMB). Designs, develops, conducts, and documents resource management training for all personnel responsible for the management and expenditure of appropriated funds and workdays. Training includes initial review or continuation training of resource management processes, procedures, and requirements. Maintains the training records for all resource managers. Ensures that continuity documentation maintained by organizational resource managers is complete, up-to-date, and relevant. 2) Serves as the principal author for local resource management policy development and publication. Interprets guidelines issued by the Office of Management and Budget (0MB), Congress, the Department of Defense (DoD), the United States Air Forces and Joint Services, the National Guard Bureau (NGB), and NGB/FMA and issues supplementary authoritative budget guidance. Ensures compatibility with financial goals and objectives issued by higher authority. Reviews, consolidates, approves, modifies, or disapproves budgetary data and reports submitted for consistency with goals, objectives, reasonableness, and accuracy. Presents budgetary briefings with supporting statistical data to senior leadership who use the data to defend budget and manpower requirements and as a basis for making military decisions. Presents the command's financial position and defends budget requirements to visitors and budget examiners. Develops data required for examining various options or scenarios related to budgetary issues that may adversely affect the organization. Develops and presents data in professional and readily usable form via electronic or hardcopy presentation. 3) Serves as the principal budgetary advisor to senior leadership and top management personnel in maintaining balance, efficiency, and economy of operations to accomplish programmed objectives. Exercises technical authority and discretion in distributing appropriated funds and workdays, approving or disapproving expenditures, validating or invalidating unfunded requirements submissions, and determining the required degree of funds control measures based on interpretations of fiscal law, the ANG Financial Guidance, generally accepted accounting principles, and locally developed resource management policy. Exercises judgment and provides advice to commanders and resource advisors to ensure efficient, economical, and balanced use of funds. Provides executive direction based on program review and analyses of budgetary operations. Participates with senior leadership in policy development and program planning for Air National Guard, USAF, and Joint activities, including the recommendation of reprogramming actions to ensure the adequacy of funds for such missions and a balance between aviation and support activities. (4) Oversees budget formulation, validation, compilation, and submission, requiring the frequent contact with commanders, resource advisors, higher headquarters (ANG/FMA), and field counterparts. Develops, prepares, presents, justifies, and defends analyses and summaries of budget performance at FWG and FMB meetings, staff meetings, impromptu meetings with senior leadership, related conferences, and during compliance or readiness inspections. Issues the annual financial plan "call" to commanders and resource advisors ensuring timely notification, clear and concise instructions, and achievable "suspenses" for all required actions. **REFER TO PD FOR FULL LIST OF DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES**


  • NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED. If you are not sure you are eligible for military membership, please contact a Vermont Air National Guard recruiter at (802) 652-8054 prior to applying for this position.
  • This is an excepted service position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the employing state's National Guard, required prior to the effective date of placement.
  • In order to be eligible, applicants must have a current military status. Prior service or non-prior service applicants are not eligible.
  • Must maintain appropriate level of security clearance.
  • May be required to complete a probationary period.
  • Males born after 31 December 1959 must be registered for Selective Service.
  • Irregular and/or overtime (compensatory) hours may be required to support operational requirements or contingencies or may be required to work hours outside of the normal duty day.


OPEN AREAS OF CONSIDERATION: AREA 1, 2 Area I: All current On-board Permanent and Indefinite Dual Status 32 and Title 5 (Competitive and Excepted) Technicians (Tenure: 1-Career, 2-Conditional, 3-Indefinite) - Only those Vermont National Guard members who are in permanent or indefinite technician status as a result of being competitively hired within that National Guard component applying for a position within the component which they are currently employed. Area II: All Members of the Vermont Air National Guard. Military Rank/Grade: Officer: 2nd Lt./O1 through Capt./O3 Note: Enlisted members who meet the eligibility requirements to become commissioned officers may apply for this position, but must complete all service component requirements to receive an officer commission in order to be permanently appointed to this position. General Experience: Possess experience, education, or training involving skills in applying problem solving techniques; and skills in communicating effectively both orally and in writing; Ability to plan and organize work; Experience in analysis, research, writing, and judgment typically gained through college education or progressively responsible experiences; Ability to follow established methods and procedures; use practical knowledge of the operations, procedures, and policies of specific program areas or functional assignment. Specialized Experience: Must have at least one year of specialized experience, equivalent to at least the GS-11 level, or equivalent pay band in other pay systems in the Federal government. This experience may also have been obtained in the private sector but must demonstrate that it is comparable to the GS grade indicated. Specialized experience may have been demonstrated by performing duties such as: Experience, education, or training that provided in-depth knowledge of financial principles and procedures; Must have a comprehensive understanding of the principles and concepts of the National Guard financial budget business program requirements; Must have expanded experiences and training that demonstrates the abilities to lead, follow directions, read, retain, and understand a variety of instructions, regulations, policies, and procedures; Experiences may include training and guiding employees on finance programs and assigning tasks; Experience in structuring assignments that created effective and efficient procedures with measured and improved task processes. OR EDUCATION: Completed undergraduate or graduate education, degree must be in one of -or- be a combination of the following required disciplines: Accounting, business, finance, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organizational management. You must submit a copy of your transcripts. Please be advised that the applicant will be evaluated based on the following Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: --Detailed knowledge of general budgeting principles, practices, precedents, systems, and techniques and the ability to interrelate funding, manpower requirements, and expense concepts to formulate and justify dissimilar civilian and military budgets considering multiple periods of execution in both single and multi-year appropriations. --Knowledge of the DoD, USAF, and Air National Guard financial planning processes is required to serve as the principal advisor and consultant to the ANG wing's senior leadership regarding budgetary matters. --Detailed knowledge of legislation, policies, and procedures, and regulations governing the use of appropriated funds to effectively oversee and manage all budget programs. --Knowledge of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES) corporate process to develop skills for interpreting and briefing commanders, resource advisors, and other resource managers on how funds are received at base level. --Knowledge of multiple dissimilar organizational missions to review, analyze, edit, and recommend approval or disapproval of proposed operating budgets, unfunded requirements requests, or requests for reprogramming and quarterly authorities; this knowledge is also used to analyze budget estimates for the annual financial plan or multiple requests for unfunded requirements, for which the incumbent must take into consideration multiple periods of execution in both single and multi-year appropriations in order to consolidate such estimates into balanced and prioritized submissions to the National Guard Bureau. --Knowledge of financial management objectives of higher authorities to ensure policies comply with precedents and controls, and to provide guidance to management officials. --Knowledge of appropriation accountability, regulatory/statutory limitations, scope and latitude permitted by law and regulations, manpower accounting principles and procedures, management information systems and subsystems, and the relationship between the budget and accounting and reporting systems sufficient to report the status of resources, execute the operating budget, and provide authoritative advice regarding the legal use of funds to commanders, resource advisors, and other resource managers. PART-TIME OR UNPAID EXPERIENCE: Credit will be given for appropriate unpaid and or part-time work. You must clearly identify the duties and responsibilities in each position held and the total number of hours per week. VOLUNTEER WORK EXPERIENCE: Refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service Programs (i.e., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community; student and social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge and skills that can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience. OTHER CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT & NOTES: -This is a Financial Management Level Certified position IAW the National Defense Authorization Act (NOAA) 2012, Public Law 112-81, Subtitle F-Financial Management, Section 1599d. Incumbent shall comply with the requirements of this certification program. -Certification Level 2: THIS IS A FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Level 2 Certified position designated as such in accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act (NOAA) 2012, Public Law 112-81, Subtitle F-Financial Management, section 1051, amending 10 United States Code, section 1599d. Incumbent of this position is required to comply with all Department of Defense and Department of the Army requirements of this certification program. This certification requirement is a condition of employment for this position. Failure to obtain this certification within the required time may subject the incumbent to adverse action. -This position is subject to the Lautenberg amendment to the gun control act of 1968 which makes it a felony for anyone who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms or ammunition. Civilian personnel of the Department of the Defense are not exempt from this provision. An individual convicted of a qualifying crime of domestic violence may not perform the duties of this position. Please be advised: 1. Specialized experience will be used to determine qualifications for the announced position. 2. An applicant's RESUME must provide, in detail, how they meet the specialized experience listed. 3. It must be documented with "from (mm/yy)" and "to (mm/yy)" dates and description of the specialized experience. 4. If education or a degree is required as part of the "Specialized Experience", you must include official transcripts. Do not copy the specialized experience qualifications word for word and place into your resume; you must describe your personal experience as it pertains to each statement.


Must have a high school diploma or general education development (GED) diploma. An undergraduate degree and/or a post graduate degree from an accredited college/university in finance; -or- in a combination of the following required disciplines: Accounting, business, finance, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organizational management is optimum.

You must provide transcripts or other documentation to support your Educational claims. To receive credit for Education, you must provide documentation of proof that you meet the Education requirements for this position.

FOREIGN EDUCATION: If you are using education completed in foreign colleges or universities to meet the qualification requirements, you must show the education credentials have been evaluated by a private organization that specializes in interpretation of foreign education programs and such education has been deemed equivalent to that gained in an accredited U.S. education program; or full credit has been given for the courses at a U.S. accredited college or university. For further information, visit: http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html


  • Address 158th Comptroller Flight 105 NCO Drive South Burlington, VT 05403 US
  • Name: Nathan Brimmer
  • Phone: (802)338-3634
  • Email: [email protected]