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Are you looking for a Social Worker? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Veterans Health Administration in Cincinnati. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Veterans Health Administration person

Job opening: Social Worker

Salary: $75 578 - 98 249 per year
Published at: Jan 24 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
The Cincinnati VA Medical Center is seeing a Social Worker for the Community Outreach Division. This Social Worker will provide direct Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services to Supportive Services Veteran and Families (SSVF) grantees and VA homeless program involved Veterans. The Social Worker will provide outreach services to SSVF grantees and VA homeless program involved Veterans.


The SSVF SUD Navigator conducts psychosocial assessments and develops treatment plans in collaboration with the veteran/family and with the interdisciplinary treatment team and possesses the skills to offer psychosocial interventions. Incumbent will provide direct SUD services to SSVF grantees and VA homeless program involved Veterans. Incumbent will provide outreach services to SSVF grantees and VA homeless program involved Veterans. The incumbent is able to coordinate community-based services. The Social Worker effectively provides case management services while utilizing professional skill, objectivity, insight, clinical training, and experience to interpret data and to identify viable treatment options and recognizing potential high-risk factors, acuity, and needs for services. The incumbent is able to provide consultation services to other staff regarding the psychosocial needs of veterans and the impact of psychosocial problems on health care and adherence to treatment plan. Incumbent will demonstrate ability to evaluate own practice through professional peer review, case conferences and other organizational means. Incumbent can communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with people from varied backgrounds. Incumbent will demonstrate general knowledge of Veterans' benefits and services relating to special programs, service-connected compensation, non-service connected pension and will facilitate referrals based upon veterans needs and eligibility. Duties include but not limited to: Provides Outreach services for SSVF Grantees Will serve as a member of a multidisciplinary homeless program treatment team. Provides training for other members of the multidisciplinary treatment team in areas related to SUD assessment, anger management, and life skills and SUD with co-occurring disorders. Independently conducts intake and needs assessment of homeless Veterans and their significant others. Identifies symptoms leading to clinical diagnoses of SUD. Provides all necessary assessment functions, e.g. interviewing, psychosocial histories, and SUD assessments to aid in the development of treatment plans. Develops comprehensive treatment plans with the Veteran that address the factors that contributed to homelessness, including SUD and other co-occurring factors within a recovery model framework. Works with the Veteran to realize the Veteran's treatment goals and reassesses and revises goals as indicated by the Veteran's engagement in treatment. Organizes and conducts individual and group case management and SUD treatment, to include early interventions and supportive follow-up to ensure stability in home visits and facility-based contacts. Provides SUD support to the SSVF Grantee as a functional member of this team, to include consultation, interventions, or accompanying other case managers on home visits. Will develop partnerships with community agencies, especially those serving homeless and SUD Veterans, with regular contact and communication. Will provide liaison services with other programs referring homeless Veterans to SSVF to ensure continuity of care and promote successful transition of Veterans from one program to another. Will participate in policy making, goal setting, and treatment service planning discussions with SSVF Grantees and Homeless Programs. Will provide appropriate clinical documentation for all contacts with or about Veterans. Will be responsible for the collection of statistical data and for reviewing the data to improve performance and delivery of services to homeless Veterans. Provides recovery -oriented treatment with the goal of establishing the Veteran independently in the community at the Veteran's highest level of functioning and quality of life. The incumbent will conduct and participate in outreach activities including field interviews, assessments and referrals for homeless veterans contacted in the community, shelters, and "on the streets" with the SSVF Grantee and Homeless Program team Advanced knowledge of and mastery of theories and modalities used in the specialized treatment of complex physical or mental illness. Specifically, the incumbent has the experience and training required to perform assessments and evaluations, treatment plans, case management and SUD treatment, and interventions for early assistance in treating relapse in homeless Veterans with SUD and co-occurring disorder histories. Ability to determine priority for services and provide specialized treatment services. Work Schedule: M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Telework: Limited Virtual: This is not a virtual position. Functional Statement #: 91401-0 Relocation/Recruitment Incentives: Not Authorized Financial Disclosure Report: Not required



Applicants pending the completion of educational or certification/licensure requirements may be referred and tentatively selected but may not be hired until all requirements are met Basic Requirements: United States Citizenship. Non-citizens may only be appointed when it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens in accordance with VA Policy. Education. Have a master's degree in social work from a school of social work fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Graduates of schools of social work that are in candidacy status do not meet this requirement until the school of social work is fully accredited. A doctoral degree in social work may not be substituted for the master's degree in social work. Licensure. Persons hired or reassigned to social worker positions in the GS-185 series in VHA must be licensed or certified by a state to independently practice social work at the master's degree level. Failure to Obtain License or Certification. In all cases, social workers must actively pursue meeting state prerequisites for licensure or certification starting from the date of their appointment. Failure to become licensed or certified within the prescribed amount of time will result in removal from the GS-0185 social worker series and may result in termination of employment. Loss of Licensure or Certification. Once licensed or certified, social workers must maintain a full, valid, and unrestricted independent license or certification to remain qualified for employment. Loss of licensure or certification will result in removal from the GS-0185 social worker series and may result in termination of employment. English Language Proficiency. Social workers must be proficient in spoken and written English Grade Determinations Social Worker, GS-11 (Full Performance Level) Experience and Licensure. Appointment to the GS-11 grade level requires completion of a minimum of one year of post-MSW experience equivalent to the GS-9 grade level in the field of health care or other social work-related settings, (VA or non-VA experience) and licensure or certification in a state at the independent practice level. NOTE: For appointment licensure or certification at this level please refer to paragraph 3c. OR (2) Education. In addition to meeting basic requirements, a doctoral degree in social work from a school of social work may be substituted for the required one year of professional social work experience in a clinical setting. Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. In addition to the experience above, candidates must demonstrate all of the following KSAs: Knowledge of community resources, how to make appropriate referrals to community and other governmental agencies for services, and ability to coordinate services. Skill in independently conducting psychosocial assessments and treatment interventions to a wide variety of individuals from various socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, educational and other diversified backgrounds. Knowledge of medical and mental health diagnoses, disabilities and treatment procedures (i.e. acute, chronic and traumatic illnesses/injuries, common medications and their effects/side effects, and medical terminology) to formulate a treatment plan. Skill in independently implementing different treatment modalities in working with individuals, families, and groups who are experiencing a variety of psychiatric, medical, and social problems to achieve treatment goals. Ability to provide consultation services to new social workers, social work graduate students, and other staff about the psychosocial needs of patients and the impact of psychosocial problems on health care and compliance with treatment This is the full performance level. Social workers at this level are licensed or certified to independently practice social work. Incumbents are assigned to all program areas, including but not limited to: inpatient or outpatient medicine, surgery, mental health, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, and geriatrics. Employees provide professional, independent social work services in the assigned area. Duties include but are not limited to: assessing and documenting identified behaviors or symptoms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and/or intimate partner violence; use of clinical social work skills and knowledge to maintain Veteran privacy and confidentiality per policies, handbooks or directives; and acts as an advocate with appropriate VA and community service providers and agencies when it serves the best interest of the Veteran and family members/caregiver. Incumbent independently assesses the psychosocial functioning and needs of Veterans and their family members, identifying the Veteran's strengths, weaknesses, coping skills, and psychosocial acuity. In collaboration with the Veteran, family/caregiver, and interdisciplinary treatment team, the social worker facilitates the delivery of health care services. The social worker identifies family/caregiver stressors, conducts assessment and provides specific interventions. The incumbent provides case management and care coordination to facilitate appropriate delivery of health care services, incorporates complex multiple causation in differential diagnosis and treatment of Veterans, including making psychosocial and psychiatric diagnoses within approved clinical privileges or scope of practice. The social worker links the Veteran with services, resources, and opportunities, in order to maximize the Veteran's independence, health, and well-being. The social worker conducts timely assessment of at-risk Veterans in crisis to identify immediate needs, evaluate risk, and initiate safety plan as appropriate. The social worker provides interventions independently with Veterans and their families/caregivers who are experiencing a wide range of complicated medical, behavioral health, financial, legal, and psychosocial problems. They provide a range of interventions and treatment modalities which may include individual, group, and/or family counseling or psychotherapy. They independently formulate and implement a treatment plan including measurable, achievable goals identifying the Veterans' needs, strengths, weaknesses, coping skills, and psychosocial acuity. Social workers serve on committees, work groups, and task forces at the facility and VISN level or in the community. References: VA Handbook 5005, Part II, Appendix G39, Qualification Standards for Social Workers. Physical Requirements: See VA Directive and Handbook 5019, Employee Occupational Health Services.


IMPORTANT: A transcript must be submitted with your application if you are basing all or part of your qualifications on education.

Note: Only education or degrees recognized by the U.S. Department of Education from accredited colleges, universities, schools, or institutions may be used to qualify for Federal employment. You can verify your education here: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/. If you are using foreign education to meet qualification requirements, you must send a Certificate of Foreign Equivalency with your transcript in order to receive credit for that education. For further information, visit: http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html.


  • Address Cincinnati VA Medical Center 3200 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH 45220 US
  • Name: Lisa Drake
  • Email: [email protected]


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