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Are you looking for a Wildland Firefighter - Direct Hire Authority? We suggest you consider a direct vacancy at Bureau of Land Management in Kingman. The page displays the terms, salary level, and employer contacts Bureau of Land Management person

Job opening: Wildland Firefighter - Direct Hire Authority

Salary: $33 906 - 45 982 per year
City: Kingman
Published at: Jan 02 2024
Employment Type: Full-time
This is a Direct-Hire advertisement. Veterans preference is not applicable to this advertisement. Learn more about this authority at: https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/hiring-information/direct-hire-authority/#url=Fact-Sheet These positions are located in the locations below. Information about these locations can be found by clicking on the location name listed. Saint George, UT Kanab, UT Kingman, AZ Yuma, AZ Phoenix, AZ Wickenburg, AZ Safford, AZ Sierra Vista, AZ


Participates in physical fitness programs. Serves as a wildland firefighter and member of one of the following crews: fuels, handcrew, hotshot, engine, helitack or wildland fire module. Performs wildland fire suppression/management/control functions. Performs fireline activities such as line construction, hose layout, operations of pumps and accessories, and mop-up operations. Participates in fire and safety training in the techniques, practices and methods of fire suppression. Gathers information on weather data, topography, fuel types, and fire behavior in responding to wildland fire incidents. Participates in fuels management projects and prescribed fires. Responsible for operation and maintenance of specialized equipment used to respond to wildland and prescribed fire situations. May serve as a situational leader on wildland fires.


  • U.S. Citizenship is required.
  • Be sure to read the HOW TO APPLY and REQUIRED DOCUMENTS Sections.
  • You cannot hold an active real estate license; nor can you have an interest or hold stocks in firms with interest in Federal Land.
  • Direct Deposit Required.
  • Background Investigation Required.
  • Appointment will be subject to a favorably adjudicated background/suitability investigation/determination. Failure to possess or obtain a favorable determination will result in the cancellation of the offer or will be grounds for termination.
  • You must meet specified levels on annual physical fitness tests, and pass periodic medical exams for wildland fire personnel, commensurate with current incident management qualification.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to be assigned to a hazardous position.
  • You must pass a pre-employment physical.
  • Applicant(s) tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit a urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use and to pass the test prior to appointment. In addition, this position is subject to random testing for illegal drug use.
  • This position requires regular and recurring overtime and shift work during peak fire season.
  • May require completion of a one year probationary period.
  • Applicants appointed to this position must POSSESS and maintain a valid state driver's license.
  • You must also pass the work capacity test for arduous positions.


Specialized Experience Requirements: In order to be rated as qualified for this position, we must be able to determine that you meet the specialized experience requirement - please be sure to include this information in your resume. To be creditable, this experience must have been equivalent in difficulty and complexity to the next lower grade of the position to be filled. To qualify for a GS-03 grade level, 6 months of general work experience or 6 months of Firefighter training obtained as part of a high school curriculum (any firefighter training), may be substituted for experience on a month-for-month basis. General Experience can include: Any work experience or military service that demonstrates the ability to follow directions and to read, understand, and retain a variety of instructions, regulations, and procedures and that otherwise demonstrates the ability to perform, or learn to perform, the duties of the position. To qualify for the GS-04 grade level, 6 months of general work experience which can be any work experience AND 6 months of specialized work experience equivalent to the GS-03 level duties. Examples of specialized work experience include the following: Wildland Fire Suppression such as digging hand line, building or patrolling fireline, suppressing spot fires, mopping up fires, hose lays, connecting buckets to drop water or retardant during firefighting operations, etc. Wildland Fuels Management such as prescribed burning, clearing up burned areas within fireline, felling snags or trees and/or cutting brush around fireline, collecting fuel loads, etc. Monitoring Wildland Fire such as weather, topography, smoke, fire effects, fire behavior, fire location, collect and record fire related data, etc. Wildland Fire Preparedness such as maintains fire tools and equipment - Pulaski's, shovels, McLeods, chainsaws, fire hose, pumps, drip torches, power equipment, vehicles, radios, etc. Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience. Substitution of Education for Experience: GS-03: Successful completion of one year of education or training above high school related to the work of the position. Education and experience may be combined to meet the specialized experience requirement. GS-04: Successful completion of a 2 - year course of study above high school in an accredited college or university in Wildland Fire Training, Wildland Fire Science, Wildland Fire Technology or in other related fields which included at least 12 semester hours of coursework such as forestry, range management or conservation, or natural resources (except marine fisheries and oceanography). Education and experience may be combined to meet the specialized experience requirement. Selective Placement Factor(s): This position requires a special qualification that has been determined to be essential to perform the duties and will be used as a screen out element. Those who do not provide evidence they possess the following selective factor(s) will be rated not qualified. 1) This position is a Primary Firefighter position and is subject to a maximum entry age (MEA). The MEA is the date immediately preceding your 37th birthday. Applicants must not have reached age 37 at the time of appointment, unless proof is provided of prior Federal service in another primary covered position, or you are a preference eligible veteran. If you are a preference eligible veteran, you may be eligible for this position after your 37th birthday. You must supply a copy of your Defense Department Form 214 (DD-214) along with Standard Form 15 (if applicable) and any associated documentation in accordance with the instructions in this vacancy announcement. Failure to provide this documentation with your application may result in loss of consideration. Please refer to the Required Documents section for further guidance on what documentation is required to meet this requirement. If over the MEA and you are not a veteran, proof of prior covered service must be submitted prior to employment. Acceptable proof consists of SF-50s showing beginning and ending dates of covered/creditable appointments and copies of approved letters based on individual claims. * You must meet all qualification and selective placement factor requirements by the closing date of the announcement. Physical Demands: Arduous exertion for protracted periods of time such as, but not limited to, extensive running, walking, climbing, kneeling, stooping, pulling hoses, jumping and twisting, prolonged standing, walking over uneven ground, and recurring bending, reaching, lifting and carrying of items weighing over 50 pounds and shared lifting and carrying of heavier items, and similar activities requiring at least average agility and dexterity. Work Environment: Forest, range, and desert environments in steep terrain where surfaces may be extremely uneven, rocky, covered with thick tangled vegetation, smoky conditions, etc. Temperatures commonly exceed 100 degrees F and may fall below freezing. Risks include smoke inhalation, fire entrapment, snake or insect bites and stings, exposure to excessive machinery noise, and falling and rolling material. This is a primary firefighter position under the special retirement provisions of 5 U.S.C. 8336(c) (CSRS) and 5 U.S.C. 8412(d) (FERS). The position is subject to maximum entry age (MEA) requirements. The MEA for this position shall not exceed age 37. If you are a preference eligible veteran, you may be eligible for this position after your 37th birthday. See Required Documents Section. FACT SHEET for Fire & Law Enforcement Positions: Information on Special Retirement.




  • Address BLM Arizona State Office BLM Arizona State Office, AZ-953 One North Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85002 US
  • Name: FA-HR-External-3 NIFC
  • Phone: 208-387-5514
  • Email: [email protected]

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