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Job opening: Med Technician

Salary: $41 757 - 60 509 per year
Published at: Dec 07 2023
Employment Type: Full-time
The Medical Technician falls within Primary Care Clinics and Rural Community -Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCS) Pathology and Laboratory at the VA Health Care System. The primary function of this position is to obtain blood specimens by venipuncture from properly identified patients for laboratory testing, and provide properly prepared specimens for testing.


Major duties include, but are not limited to: Processes specimens by using the VA computer system. Samples are accepted into the computer for testing or the order is removed from the computer if samples are not collected. Protects the security of the computer system and maintains patient confidentiality. Receives, validates, processes and distributes specimens to the proper equipment for storage until transported to RMR Medical facility for testing. Assures the proper specimen was collected, patient identification on the tube is correct and matches the accompanying requisition(s) and accessioning the specimens. Ensures all pre-analytical testing requirements are met by ensuring centrifugation at the appropriate time and rpm setting, appropriate pre-treatment of specimen if required (i.e. appropriate clotting time at the required temperature for the individual test), accurately labels aliquot tubes and stores at the appropriate temperature protecting from light if required or distributes to the proper section for testing. Consults with the provider; nurse, pathologist or appropriate Medical Technologist to ensure the appropriate testing is performed on the appropriate sample. Maintains current knowledge in the changing field of ancillary testing sufficient to serve as the first line technical consultant and advisor to CBOC staff. Develops or recommends policies and procedures for the procurement and service requirements for ancillary testing (testing outside the physical confines of the main laboratory as mandated by VHA). Knowledgeable of accrediting agencies and regulatory requirements, including Joint Commission and the College of American Pathology. Evaluates the competency of the variety of individuals (nurses, physician, patients) in the performance of ancillary testing procedures and in the reporting of test results, promptly, accurately, and proficiently. Includes ongoing day-to-day compliance with established protocols and guidelines. Recommends policy/protocol changes to correct deficiencies and improve the program. Develops and recommends policies and procedures for the procurement and service requirements for ancillary or point-of-care testing (testing outside the main laboratory as mandated by Handbook 1106.1) equipment and instrumentation. Assists with the development of technical bulletins, procedures, training materials and other program materials, which ensure accreditation and compliance with all regulatory agencies concerning patient testing, result reporting, and proficiency testing. Provides training to Medical Laboratory Technicians, Nursing staff, Medical Assistants, and Nursing Assistants in accessioning. Administers and collects accurate specimens for employee drug screening program. Completes required chain of custody paperwork and packages for shipment to testing facility. Achieves the training through the VA and sustain competencies allowing the technician the ability to perform EDS (Employee Drug Screens) as required by Human Resources. Requires to perform toxicology testing such as urine drug screens. Performs alcohol testing when a breathalyzer is ordered. Maintains a clean, safe and organized work environment including defrosting and cleaning freezers and refrigerators, cleaning the biological hood, emptying biohazard trash, and cleaning bench tops and centrifuges daily. Follows proper infectious disease controls by following Standard Precautions and using correct Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE). Maintains quality results by running standards and controls, verifying equipment function through routine equipment maintenance and advanced trouble shooting; calibrating equipment utilizing approved testing procedures; monitoring quality control measures and protocols. Receives ward order entry and enters laboratory test. Performs routine tasks associated with the computer operation, such as, but not limited to, handling paper and labels for printers, calling up data from the computer and reporting it to the clinical staff when requested by phone, faxing results to health care providers, and monitoring the performance of the computer and printers. Assists personnel throughout the Medical Center with questions. Performs other duties necessary for the efficient operation of the laboratory such as speaking at New Veterans Orientation. Serves as a technical resource by participating in staff training; answering questions of other professionals; in education opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations. Maintains sufficient expertise through continuing education. Rotates tours of duty and on the weekend and holiday schedules as assigned. Work Schedule: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm Telework: Not Available Virtual: Not Available Functional Statement #: 554-58681-A/554-58682-A Relocation/Recruitment Incentives: Not Authorized Financial Disclosure Report: Not required



Basic Requirements: Citizenship. Be a citizen of the United States. English Language Proficiency. Candidates must be proficient in spoken and written English to be appointed. Education or Experience. Candidates must successful completion of a full 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree with major study or at least 24 semester hours in subjects appropriate to the position to be filled. Certification. Certification by the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP), American Medical Technologists, or American Association of Bioanalysts. Loss of Credential. Management officials, in collaboration with HR Office staff, must immediately relieve employees of the duties and responsibilities associated with the MLT occupation who fail to maintain the required certification, which may also result in separation from employment. May qualify based on being covered by the Grandfathering Provision as described in the VA Qualification Standard for this occupation (only applicable to current VHA employees who are in this occupation and meet the criteria). GS-05 Grade Determinations: Experience. None beyond the basic requirements. Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. None. Assignment. This is an entry-level developmental MLT position. MLTs will typically receive guidance from experienced staff members and require frequent and direct supervision. MLTs at this level perform testing in one or more of the following areas: Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waived testing, phlebotomy, hematology, immunohematology, clinical chemistry, immunology, toxicology, urinalysis, referral laboratory, microbiology and specimen processing. MLTs recognize data with life-threatening (critical) implications and understand the importance of immediately bringing the data to the attention of the patient's physician and/or nursing staff. GS-06 Grade Determinations: Experience. In addition to the basic requirements, candidates must possess one year of experience equivalent to the GS-05 grade level. Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. In addition to the experience above, the candidate must demonstrate all of the following KSAs: Knowledge of MLT principles, practices, concepts and theories for sound independent work. Knowledge of laboratory quality control and quality assurance procedures to manage reagents and supply inventories using document control systems. Ability to maintain, troubleshoot and repair instrumentation. Ability to work as a team member in a laboratory setting to effectively complete assignments. Ability to use technical judgment to interpret laboratory results. Ability to apply complex written laboratory instructions. Ability to consult with other members of the health care team, patients and external customers. Assignment. At the full performance level, MLTs use independent judgment to perform the full range of duties in the laboratory, from sample collection to evaluating and communicating test results. MLTs perform day-to-day operations in the laboratory with minimal technical supervision while ensuring testing accuracy and quality of proper patient care. This includes providing pre-analytic instructions to patients, VA staff and other external entities related to collection and processing of laboratory specimens. MLTs use processing techniques such as centrifugation, aliquoting, storage and packaging (considering stability factors), and they accurately label and sort patient specimens. MLTs operate and maintain all instrumentation in assigned areas to deliver precise, timely and accurate laboratory results when analyzing body fluids such as blood, urine and tissue samples. MLTs at this level analyze laboratory findings and issue necessary reports. The results and findings of laboratory tests and procedures are discussed with supervisors, pathologists and other medical professionals as needed. References: VA Handbook 5005, Part II, APPENDIX G-69 Physical Requirements: The position primarily involves work performed in both sitting and standing positions with occasional requirements to lift objects, computer work and operating office equipment. The position requires the ability to process written and electronic information. The work requires the ability to physically control or defend against emotionally distressed patients. The work requires above average agility and dexterity due to the fine skills of some of the point of care lab testing. The work may require heavy lifting of equipment or patients however standing and bending for a prolonged period of time, walking, lifting up to 20 pounds, kneeling, and some climbing of stairs is also required. The work requires manual dexterity, a large degree of concentration, and working at top speed for several hours at a time. The ability to distinguish colors and color intensity is required. The Medical Technician may be required to commute between two outpatient clinics with the workweek, depending on the clinic workload.


IMPORTANT: A transcript must be submitted with your application if you are basing all or part of your qualifications on education.

Note: Only education or degrees recognized by the U.S. Department of Education from accredited colleges, universities, schools, or institutions may be used to qualify for Federal employment. You can verify your education here: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/. If you are using foreign education to meet qualification requirements, you must send a Certificate of Foreign Equivalency with your transcript in order to receive credit for that education. For further information, visit: http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html.


  • Address Eastern Colorado HCS Denver 13611 E. Colfax Ave Aurora, CO 80045 US
  • Name: Daquana Post
  • Phone: 405-200-9837
  • Email: [email protected]


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